Instincts and crazy expectations

There is just something about little children that is so very special.

They are so precious, the way they see the world, their innocence and how they still trust their instincts. I find it fascinating how they don’t yet know the concept of good or evil, but they know who they can trust or not. They just know with very little interactions.

It is almost as if they can see right through people and straight to their heart.

They haven’t been corrupted by the world yet, don’t understand rationally that there are people that might want to cause them pain or have evil intentions and yet, they just know that something doesn’t feel right. That there is something off with a person. 

It’s too bad that most of us no longer trust that instinct we were born with. It’s part of our survival instinct and yet, we give our instincts so very little attention especially the one that warns us of danger or that something is wrong.

I don’t understand the people who don’t listen to their children. Who still hand them over to a person they obviously don’t feel comfortable or even scared with. If a child refuses to go to a person or you have to force them or they are afraid of someone, listen to them, trust their instinct don’t just brush it of as normal behavior. Yes, there are phases children cling to their parents and need more time to warm up even to family members they see regularly. But there is a difference. 

Children don’t usually react in extremes for no reason. See the signs, trust your child. Don’t force them to spend time with people they don’t want to. Especially when they are scared of those people. 

I really don’t understand why this isn’t logical and something a parent just automatically does. 

How would you like it if someone forced you to hug or stay with someone you are scared off? 

So why do it to your own child?

I always try to put myself in someone else’s place, if I wouldn’t like that situation, I won’t force it on anyone else. This should be how situations with children are approached at all times. 

You might be family, but if a child sees you for the second or third time in their lives, you are still a stranger and I don’t like to be hugged or kissed by strangers, so why do people expect children to be alright with that? 

Okay, this has turned into a rant and I sort of got lost in it and forgot what my original point was… sorry, but I feel very strongly about this. 

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