Freedom of Press and the WEF

So, there is the World Economic Forum going on right now. In Davos, in supposedly neutral Switzerland that has both freedom of the press and freedom of speech. At least, according to the law.

I just saw how an independent journalist got detained by the police for filming the entrance of the building the WEF was taking place in. They couldn’t give the journalist a plausible reason besides “he looked suspicious.” Seriously? They were also told that they weren’t allowed to film in a public place. Even though they were there in an official capacity as journalists, they got the permission to cover the WEF. They showed them their passports and their press badge and still got detained and frisked. 

The police only let up, when another independent journalist came over and started to film the entire thing. 

Isn’t that insane? 

And let me just tell you, I know from a reliable source just how difficult it is to get permission to go to the WEF as a journalist. They wouldn’t have been able to even enter Davos if they hadn’t gotten permission beforehand. The WEF is a highly secure event.

This is why all the big demonstrations happen in other cities, like Zurich or the capital which is Berne. Any demonstration that is taking place in Davos itself needed to get permission by the city council and there are strict rules as to where in Davos they are allowed to demonstrate.

What exactly does the action of the police mean for Switzerland’s freedom of press? How is it still freedom of press if independent journalists aren’t allowed to film the actual event? What are they trying to hide?

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