This has gotten way out of hand

I swear I’m so done with parents refusing to parent. A child needs your guidance, a child needs you to tell them yes and no, a child needs you to teach them right from wrong and why they can do certain things but not others. 

A child is not capable to make big decisions on their own and small children should not be given the burden of making enormous decisions on their own. It is not their job and they get overwhelmed by the smallest decision already. Obviously. They are children, they are not yet capable to make big decisions, they are still learning so much. 

Also, I cannot stand parents who are raising their children gender neutral. That is child abuse in my opinion. Your gender doesn’t define who you are, but it is a huge and important part of the person you are. It is something that you can hold on to when everything else falls apart. 

There is something in between raising your children in the stereotypical boy or girl ways, like boys are only allowed to play with toys made for boys and girls are only allowed to play with dolls and things like that. You can address your son as a boy and let him play with a doll, if that is a toy he likes to play with. Just as you can address your daughter as a girl and let her help you build a wooden bird house. 

You don’t have to raise your child gender neutral to give it all the options. Not giving a child the security and understanding of their gender is very dangerous. And claiming there is no such thing as a biological difference is just a lie and a potentially fatal one. 

I can’t even imagine how I would’ve felt had my parents raised me gender neutral. Having all of the parts of a girl but having my parents tell me I am not a girl. Yet, all of my friends who have the same parts were girls. How is that good for a child?

I was an outsider, I never fit in as child, I was different because of the circumstances I was living in and because I was very shy. I didn’t understand how most of my peers behaved because I was forced to grow up in second grade when my father got diagnosed with ALS. 

There were exactly two friends that I took home with me to play. Two out of twenty-six children in total. I grew up in a small town and everyone knew my dad was sick. Yet, I was only comfortable with two of the twenty-six children coming home with me. 

How many children will a child that is being brought up gender neutral bring home? How comfortable will that child be, knowing their home is so very different from everyone else’s? How are you doing them a favor? Those children are being robbed of part of their identity, they are being robbed of part of their childhood. Children are being turned into a social experiment and that is just so wrong! It’s sickening and it’s heartbreaking. 

This is not okay, and people should not be afraid to speak out against this. 

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