The Hypocrisy of the WEF

The Hypocrisy of the World Economic Forum is unbelievable and shows just what a joke the entire event is. 

They claim to want to safe the environment. Make sure the planet and nature is taken care of. Sounds good, but here we are again back to actions speak louder than words. 

Which of the people there didn’t come by private jet? Why isn’t it held remotely by zoom or skype or whatever? That would be a lot better for the environment. 

How many of those people have stakes in companies that are responsible for destroying the environment? How many of those companies they own or profit of take an active part in the deforestation of the rain forests? How many of those companies are responsible for overfishing and the pollution of the oceans? How many of those companies are selling products with microplastic? 

What do you think would be the total amount of money that would come together if the bank accounts of all the attendees would be put together? How much good could they actually do, if they really wanted to?

How is it that people like that, hypocrites that only care about their own interests, have the right to make the decisions for all of us? And why is part of it being kept private? They decide about our lives, our fates, we should have the right to know everything that is being decided and talked about there. I mean, agenda 2030 is great! 

“You will own nothing and you will be happy. You will rent everything and it will be delivered to your doorstep by drone.” 

Sounds amazing, can’t wait be completely dependent on the one percent and whatever they decide to share with the rest of us. I mean who doesn’t want to not own anything? It’s so great to earn money and yet have nothing left of said money for yourself. That is what it will come down to. And that scares the shit out of me. 

The people running the World Economic Forum do not have our best interest in mind, but only their own and those are very different. Don’t let yourself get fooled. 

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