Don’t waste my time

Why are there so many inconsiderate people out there? Why is everyone only thinking about themselves and not taking other people’s time serious?

If we had an appointment at 2pm, I’m expecting it to take place at 2pm and not to receive a text at eleven am asking to have it at noon. I also expect it to still take place at 2pm if I only happen to see the text at 1pm. It was the time we agreed on to begin with. I also don’t appreciate it if it doesn’t take place at 2pm and I only hear back more than two hours later. I reserved the time, I expected it to take place at the time we agreed on and I don’t have the time to just sit around and wait until someone who wants something for me finds the time. It’s inconsiderate and leads to me not wanting to do business with you. My time is not being taken seriously, and that makes me angry. 

I also don’t appreciate it when people repeatedly ask me to spend time together again. I asked for possible dates to get together I get exactly two dates and when I made one of the dates possible and let the person know which one would work I don’t hear back for days. I thought you wanted to spend time with me? If it were as important to you as you say, you’d manage to text me back. I know you saw the text. How difficult is it to send a reply? You could do a thumbs up or down. Really, doesn’t take much. 

And then people end up wondering why I stop contacting them and wait for them to contact me. Honestly. I have no problems shifting things on my schedule around to make time for people who are important to me. I have no issue getting on a train for several hours, I’d even do it to spend fifteen minutes with someone I care about. But I am done running after people who don’t really make an effort on their sides. 

It is nice to hear that someone misses you, but it’s easy to say. Actions speak louder than words. If someone spends a year telling you how much they miss you and how much they want to see you again, yet, every time you tell them to just give you a date and time that would work for them and you’d be there and that never happens… how much can they really miss you? There always comes a moment when I’m just done making an effort and I just wait to see what happens if I’m not the one initiating contact. 

If people really care about you, they’ll make an effort, if they don’t… they don’t but neither will I. 

Don’t waste my time. I chose the people I spend it on carefully and I don’t appreciate people not being considerate of other people’s time.

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    Samira Fricker

    Thank you for your time 💕

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