The erasure of women takes on new forms

The erasure of women in today’s society continues and takes on even worse heights. 

There are men taking hormones, so they can also breast feed their baby and not just the child’s mother. What the actual fuck is going on here? How wrong and sick is that. I’m sorry for my language here but are you kidding me?

There is such a long list of things, foods, drinks, medication that women should not be taking while breastfeeding their kids, but doctors hand out hormone concoctions to men so that their bodies will produce breastmilk? Something that their bodies is not supposed to do. Sure, there are very rare instances when this happens naturally but there needs to be a lot that comes together for that to happen. 

I don’t even want to know what effect those drugs will have on those poor children. This is just so wrong. Why can’t we just let nature be nature and not try to change everything about the natural order of things? 

And how is it that no one is on the streets yelling for women’s rights right now? Breastfeeding, just like pregnancy is one of the very few things only women are capable of doing and men are taking that away from us now too. Where are all the feminists? Where are all the people who get so angry at the patriarchy and the unfair salaries and about there not being enough female CEOs why are those things worthy of screaming and raging about, yet no one thinks this is something they should speak up about, should be enraged about?

And for all those women who hate the patriarchy: women were not being erased during that time. Men weren’t taking over women’s areas while they stayed at home and raised the children, men were busy working to provide for their families. Just saying. 

I honestly don’t understand society anymore. How is any of this okay with anyone? How very confused those poor children must be growing up. This is all so messed up and I really don’t understand anything anymore. I just know that this isn’t right. 

Women shouldn’t be mad about workplace unfairness or whatever and yet be totally fine when everything they are, everything nature made them is being erased and taken away from them. It’s wrong. It’s just so wrong. 

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  1. Samira Fricker Avatar
    Samira Fricker

    You are so true!

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