This makes me sick and breaks my heart

I think what’s going on in the world right now is really sad. I mean there is a lot of sad stuff going on but I want to talk about something specific I just saw. 

There are genital nullification surgeries now. Not going into any explanation as to what that means exactly, you can look it up yourself, if you want to know specifics. But it means that your gender is no longer obvious given the lack of your private parts after the surgery. 

So, there was this post a girl made who had the surgery, it was all about how liberating it was, how good it made her feel and so on and so forth and a the end was one sentence that just showed everything that was wrong with her getting that surgery, of any doctor going ahead and letting her mutilate her body like that. 

She said that she was getting so much joy knowing she will never be penetrated again, that she can never be assaulted again. 

That poor girl. I can’t even imagine the trauma an assault like that left her with. And having to deal with that all on your own. At least I assume she was left all alone to deal with it. Because if she hadn’t been alone someone in her life would’ve helped her. Would’ve explained to her that surgery wasn’t the answer. That she needed to talk to someone, to a professional, someone who would help her deal with the trauma and the unbelievable emotional pain she must be in. 

I really wish she would’ve had people in her life who would’ve protected her from this. Given her a hug, or whatever else she would’ve needed. 

She was violated in a way no one should ever be violated. And now she was violated a second time by people in the medical field, she had her body permanently mutilated and will now forever be reminded of that violation. 

Why was there no psychological evaluation done before this surgery? Why hadn’t those doctors signed her over to a psychologist? What she would’ve needed was therapy and not this. It shouldn’t be allowed for doctors to let patients make such enormous decisions concerning their bodies after they went through such a traumatic event. 

This is not okay, this needs to stop. 

I feel so sad for that poor girl. She was violated by more by one person, she just hasn’t realized it yet. I hope she will have good people by her side once she realizes that and they will give her the support she will need. 

This is so sad and breaks my heart. She would’ve needed help, not this. 

One response to “This makes me sick and breaks my heart”

  1. So true! Poor girl! Why are people not talking about their problems?!

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