Wonders of nature

I think it is really sad that we forget how wondrous and unbelievable the world and everything around us is. Sometimes I’m reminded by it when I’m on a walk out in nature or I do it on purpose taking the time to look at the wonders of nature when I pass them. 

But there is nothing that reminds you of just how magical nature is than watching small children taking it all in. Seeing the joy on their faces when they see different animals, even if it’s just a sparrow and like the twentieth in two hours, or a simple ant. Yes, those are animals we see on the regular and this leads to us forgetting just how amazing they actually are.

There is almost nothing as fascinating as trying to see the world through a small child’s eyes again. When everything is wondrous, everything is new and there is so much to discover, and all of the new impressions are just overwhelming. 

I think we all should appreciate the incredible miracles of nature all around us more and take the time to notice them. 

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