Writing is weird

It’s interesting, there are moments when I sit in front of the computer and I want to write something, and I just can’t I spend hours sitting there getting nothing done, time dragging along. 

And then there are other days, days that I sit down, and I can just write, everything just flows and time flies. On those days I tend to forget to eat, sort of, I never realize how much time had already past and usually am shocked at the amount and at the fact that it is already dinner time. 

It’s really strange and fascinating how our body works. Those are the only moments I ever not notice when I’m hungry. There is no other situation that I forget to eat. 

I hate to get interrupted on those days because I have an idea and it needs to be written down right then and there because if I don’t and I only get around to do it later, I always feel like it is not as good as the original idea, that I forgot something. 

It’s really difficult to try and explain what it feels like to be in that headspace to other people. It is difficult to try and explain the concept of writing stories to people. How do you explain to someone that you have characters living inside of your mind, without people thinking you are crazy? Or the way a character can take over your story and lead it into an entirely different direction than you originally planned? 

Writing is stories is weird. 

But I love it and it is a part of who I am. 

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