Don’t rush children

I swear adults can be so weird sometimes. And I don’t get it. 

They take children to the zoo, so the children get to see the animals and have a good time. So, one would think it is about the children, wanting to provide them with a fun experience. One would think… 

So, why is it that there are so many adults constantly rushing the children along, instead of giving them the time to enjoy the animals, spend as much time as they want looking at a certain animal. Maybe it is their favorite one, maybe it is doing something interesting, maybe the child just needs a little break from all of the impressions they are bombarded with. 

I really don’t get adults that take the children to activities for the children and then make those all about themselves instead about the child. 

Why rush them to the zoo? Let them enjoy it. 

Let them decide how long they want to look at the Elephant lifting a heavy tree branch with its trunk. That even fascinates me, just think about what it must be like for a child, possibly seeing that for the very first time. 

Let the child decide how long it wants to watch the monkeys run around their cage playing with each other, or the mommy swinging around with two little monkeys holding on to her fur.

Let the child decide how long it wants to look at the different fish in the aquarium, maybe it is trying to find every single one. Maybe the colors are fascinating it or maybe it’s the plants moving with the waves.

I don’t understand why adults rush their children in places like that. Why don’t you ask them at the beginning which animals it really, really wants to see and start with those?

Children don’t need to see every single animal in the zoo, all you have to do is make sure it sees the one it was really looking forward to. 

A child experiences trips like these differently, let it process it the way it needs to. Give them the chance to be in awe with those amazing creatures and find out how they move, what they eat, what sound they make,… animals are fascinating creatures, they deserve to be admired and the children deserve to be given the time to admire them. 

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