Everyone is so tolerant

I just love how people scream tolerance, change everything so no one feels attacked or oppressed or forgotten or whatever. They change everything, including language, just to make sure no one feels mistreated by the way something or someone is addressed.

Everyone is so damn tolerant.

Until you tell them the reasons why you don’t agree with some of those measures and how you never felt oppressed or attacked by the way language addresses someone or something. That you have an issue when the language is changed, when grammar no longer matters and reading a text fluently is no longer possible because of all the measures that are taken that no one can feel like they are not included in what is being said.

That is where tolerance stops. The moment you are being told that how you see it and how you feel doesn’t matter. Because you don’t agree with them.

My feelings don’t matter concerning language and grammar and readability because I don’t agree with changing everything. I’ve been writing in one way or another for most of my life. My mom and dad gave me my first diary at the age of about ten years old. I’ve been writing regularly ever since.

I’ve spent hours upon hours reading and writing in two different languages. Writing is my passion, it’s a part of who I am and an outlet for my thoughts and feelings. It has helped me through so many stages in my life.

But my feelings concerning how things are being written now, how the rules of the language and grammar and everything that goes along with it no longer matters, just as long as no one can potentially feel excluded, don’t matter, because I do not agree with those changes. Because I find it very difficult to read the politically correct texts, my feelings don’t matter.

Which essentially means I don’t matter.

But they are just so amazing because they are so very tolerant, as long as you agree with them.

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