It takes two to create a child

If a man forces a woman to get an abortion against her will, he is a monster. I doubt anyone denies that. 

If a woman gets an abortion against a man’s will “it’s her body, her choice” and he has no say in it. She’s looked at as a strong independent woman, not a monster. He should have the right to raise the child as a single dad. 

If a man wants a child but the woman doesn’t it’s her right to get an abortion. There is nothing he can do about that. He has no say in it at all. 

If a woman wants a child but the man doesn’t he is looked at as a deadbeat, an asshole, and he has pay child support. 

I don’t see how this is fair. 

If the man wants the child, he currently has no right to it until it is born, and if he doesn’t want it, he has no choice but to pay. 

How is it okay for a woman to kill a child against the father’s will but a man has no way of escaping child support no matter the situation?

It needs a woman and a man to create a child. Both should have equal rights to said child’s life and equal responsibilities from the moment the child exists.

If this can’t be done encourage people to prevent pregnancy in the first place. It is not that difficult, not in our day and age.

Doctors prescribe the pill for so many other reasons that have nothing to do with protection, it is almost no problem to get it. There are condoms in snack dispensers at train stations. And if all else fails there is still the morning after pill. 

How can unwanted pregnancies be such a big thing? How is the abortion rate so unbelievably high? What is going wrong here?

Teach teenagers to be smart, to care about their bodies, their health, because that is what it comes down to.  

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