Dream big, take risks

I was always someone who dreamed big. There were so many things I was sure I was going to do once I was a grownup. There were also plenty of people in my life making fun of me for those dreams, for not wanting to follow the normal path. 

Those people didn’t understand what I had found out when I was just a child. The so-called normal path wasn’t it for me. I didn’t fit into it. I hated it. It was never me. And yet, I ended up following that path, because I was told to, because it was the right thing, the safe thing. Get an education, get a job, save money. 

I got an education, even though it was really not my thing and those additional three years in school were really hard on me. But I did it. And then I got a job, and I worked hard, and I saved as much money as I could, which wasn’t much, even with my education. 

I did this for seven years until I was done. Until I couldn’t do it anymore and after I quit my job, I spent months trying to get my energy back. I was exhausted physically and emotionally, and the smallest tasks were too much for me. It took me a long time to recover.

It took me almost a year to remember who I am. What I love to do, what is important to me. 

For the first time in almost ten years I’m me again, and I’m doing what I love. It comes with a lot of sacrifices, but it’s worth it because I feel good about myself and my life. 

My stepdad used to tell me that there was nothing I couldn’t achieve as long as I put my mind on it and was willing to make sacrifices. He was the one adult in my life growing up who always encouraged me. It meant everything to me. 

I really hope every child gets at least one adult in their life that believes in them, no matter what. It is so very important and changes everything. 

Doing the right thing, the save thing, has gotten me nowhere. So, I’m doing things my way now, looking forward to finding out where my very own path will lead me. Life is an adventure, and there is no such thing as a safe path. Might as well take some risks.

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