Dangerous disinformation

The main argument that is being made in agreement with social media censure makes no sense. 

To avoid dangerous disinformation.

For one, everyone has the option to look up things they read to get more information about it and to verify the source. I know it sounds a lot easier than it actually is in the age of the internet, I’ve struggled with it myself but still, not believing everything you read on social media without looking for another source is kind of a no brainer in my opinion. 

And here is my explanation why that argument doesn’t work at all and is very easily proven wrong.

People got deleted from social media for saying the Hunter Biden laptop story was true. Interestingly enough it is now officially proven true, two years after the fact. That’s point number one. Not sure what about that story would’ve qualified as dangerous had it been disinformation. But alright, let’s go with the dangerous part. I mean the things on that laptop most definitely were reprehensible and against the law. Still don’t see how that is dangerous for society to know, even if the information would’ve been wrong. 

On the other hand, people claiming that men can give birth to babies, men can be women and women can be men and gender and sex are the same thing and don’t actually exist is not being treated as disinformation. Social media is full of people going around telling people this. That narrative is dangerous disinformation. Especially since children are allowed to get life altering medication without their parent’s knowledge. Teenagers get their breasts removed, take hormones that lead to them pretty much being castrated. This dangerous disinformation is leading to children making health decisions without their parent’s consent or knowledge. Children who don’t know the long-term effects those things have on their lives, who can’t possibly understand what all of those medical procedures mean because they are children and cannot yet make the connections. Most of them probably don’t even understand that what they are doing cannot be undone, that it is permanent and has enormous consequences for their future.  

That is what I call dangerous disinformation. Because it puts children’s lives at risk. It leads to them making decisions they aren’t ready to make, because their brains aren’t fully formed yet. There is a reason why children need parent’s consent for a lot of things. And teenagers are still children.  For crying out loud, teenagers aren’t allowed to get a tattoo without the consent of a parent, but they are allowed to take life altering medication without their parent’s knowledge? Are even being encourage to do just that on social media platforms. Where is the logic in that?

If social media censuring would really be about dangerous disinformation, it wouldn’t be flooded by people telling children that a person’s sex is not biology but a social construct, to go change their gender, to go get hormones, to get their breasts removed.

We have the right to spread disinformation, and that is how it should be. It is your job to verify the information you read on the internet. And there are already laws that come with free speech for everything else. Telling someone something that isn’t true, is not against the law and it happens all the time in real life. So why is it an issue on social media, if it isn’t outside of the internet?

The same rules apply on social media platform as they do in real life, don’t blindly trust everything anyone is telling you. Verify. I mean, my parents have told me things or given me advice that I later on found out wasn’t true or not very good. So, don’t just believe something because someone told you, or someone posted it on social media. None of this means that social media needs to be censured, it just means that children need to be taught to always verify the information. That is the solution to guarantee free speech. Not censuring. 

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