Free speech

I am a firm believer that free speech is a basic human right. I’m allowed to say whatever I want to say, just as long as my words don’t break the law. Just like I firmly believe that you are allowed to say whatever you want to say, just as long as you don’t break the law. 

There are a lot of things that people say that I don’t agree with or that I don’t understand but that doesn’t change the fact that they have the right to say them. There have been instances when people commented on things that I’ve written, and it was obvious that the only intention they had was to be mean and make me feel bad. I don’t understand that behavior, never will and yes it hurt. None the less, they have the right to say those things. Just like I have the right to reply or ignore them and to feel bad for them because they obviously have a rather sad life if they spend hours upon hours reading a story with 300’000 words that they don’t like, just to write a mean comment. Honestly, get a life and use all that energy for something positive. 

Free speech is something that should be cherished. 

The behavior some people have on the internet is abysmal but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t allowed to behave that way. It’s not a free speech problem, it’s a society problem. I would never be mean to someone just for the sake of being mean. Not in person and not online, I was taught better, I was taught to respect other people and other opinions. We don’t need to censor speech we need to go back to teach people the basics principles of what is appropriate behavior towards other people. 

The thought of having the government decide what information is appropriate and what is not terrifies me. So, does the knowledge just how many people think speech should be censored and that giving the government that power is a good idea… right, it’s going so well for the people of China and Russia… just to give some examples. 

Free speech should not be censored. Nothing good ever came when people were prohibited to speak their minds. This is something everyone should be against. 

Free speech is a basic human right. 

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