The kindness of strangers

I feel like a lot of people have forgotten that it’s the small things that matter. 

Like a bus driver wishing you a nice day when you get off. A car stopping for a pedestrian and smiling at them. Being patient and understanding towards the person working behind the counter when it takes a little longer and goes less smoothly than usual because they are working with a new system and still getting used to it. 

It’s the small things that can make someone’s day. Greeting a stranger passing you on the street with a smile on your face. Having a nice chat with the post office employee while she is doing her job, apologizing for something small that is no issue at all. 

It’s a stranger coming after you, because you forgot your jacket in the train, because you were too focused on the child, from the family that sat next to you and helping her look for her younger brother’s sun glasses, making sure she doesn’t lose her family. 

The small things have the biggest impacts sometimes. And nothing has the same kind of meaning as the kindness of a stranger. It gives you a very special type of feeling, I don’t know how to describe it but it makes you feel good in a way nothing else can. 

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