Personal responsibility and accountability

I swear I’m so done with people not being held accountable for their actions and the victimhood mentality.

Not using your brain doesn’t mean it’s other people’s fault.

If you jump of a pier head first into water that is only about one meter deep it is not the city’s fault for not having a sign that says “don’t jump of a pedestrian pier head first in shallow water”. It’s common sense.

Also I don’t think it’s a city’s job to let people know that swimming in a lake could be dangerous. One; swimming is always dangerous, no matter where you swim, drowning is always a possibility. Two; swimming in natural waters is even more dangerous for many very obvious reasons. Again, this is common sense and not something that needs to be put on signs all around a lake or along a river or every single beach. It is a known fact and common sense.

I honestly don’t understand this. And I’m sorry for the pain drownings cause to the families suffering from such a horrible loss but again, in most cases it is not the fault of a third party as painful as that may be. 

Personal responsibility and accountability are something that rarely exists right now and that is a very bad and dangerous thing. It can be life threatening if we keep on telling people nothing is ever their fault and they don’t need to take responsibility for their actions.

My mom used to say, “if your friends would jump off a bridge, would you jump too?”, when I wasn’t allowed to do something and argued my friends were allowed to. It usually annoyed me, but she was right and pointed out something very important. It might have taken a while for me to really understand what she had tried to say with that, but it led to me thinking about why I wasn’t allowed to do something. It made me consider consequences and rethink whether doing something just because everyone else was doing it was the right reason to do it.

“If your friends jumped off a bridge would you jump too?”

It’s a good question, plus, if the answer is yes, who is responsible for the consequences of that action? The friends or me? Did I jump on my own, of my own free will? Or was I forcefully pushed off against my will?

There’s a huge difference between those two options and that needs to be addressed. Others are not responsible for the choices we make and the consequences of those actions, no matter how bad those are, we inflicted them on ourselves.

Personal responsibility, hold yourself accountable for your own actions, it’s the only way to learn and grow.

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