There is change in the air

The last couple of years have been very interesting. On one side things have gotten extremely bad on so many different levels and at the same time, slowly but surely the world begins to make sense again. At least it does for me. 

It’s almost as if the world has shifted into such an extreme that now it is being shoved back into common sense territory. People are starting to push back. People are starting to realize what has happened and what the world and society has turned into and they are appalled and fed up with it. 

People want their freedom back. A lot of people all around the world started to stand up and fight for their freedom. And they got them back. Mostly, for now. 

People are done with all the violence and crime. And they are starting to speak up, to try and change it. Get some kind of peace and order back. This one is still a big work in progress, but it is a work in progress in the right direction. 

There is a severe lack of accountability and self-awareness in society, victimhood has become the thing to be. Everyone is or wants to be a victim, the more points you can get the better, the more oppressed you feel you are the better, just as long as you make sure nothing is your fault and you find enough reasons and people that are responsible for the choices you made for your life that led you to the issues you now have. A lot of people are fed up with that mentality. I was taught that actions have consequences and that made me think before I acted and consider what the consequences might be and what that would mean for me. It kept me from doing a lot of stupid stuff, I otherwise might have done. Blaming others for your choices and your problems is not helpful and won’t change anything. The only person who can make changes to your life is yourself. Accountability is something a lot of people are demanding right now. 

Go woke go broke… Netflix, Disney,… I don’t think there is much I need to say about that. It is never a good thing when you turn entertainment into politics and propaganda. Yes, there are shows in entertainment that are based on politics and that is good but not every show, every movie,… needs to talk politics and try to force an opinion on the viewer. It gets tiring, and highly annoying. I turn to TV shows to escape all of that. I don’t want politics in a comedy that doesn’t have anything to do with politics. I want to watch it to enjoy myself and not think about politics for once. Now, you can’t even watch children’s shows without being confronted with politics. And people are fed up with that, too. And it shows. There is something about neutrality. Entertainment enterprises should’ve remembered that. 

Yes, I’m slowly but surely starting to see a shift. More value is put in morals again. Respect and kindness are emphasized once more. People notice the lack thereof and search for those things again, recognizing the importance of civility, and respect. 

I hope my feeling is right. I hope we can go back to the way things were when I was a child. When the ‘we’ was more important than the ‘I’. When we respected other people and their opinions, even when they differed from ours. When we helped each other up, instead of pushing each other down, walking over the body while everyone around is filming it instead of helping. 

There needs to be a change.

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