Spring rain

There is nothing quite like spring rain. 

I don’t know but there is just something about it. The way the sky suddenly gets darker, but there are usually still clear spots in the sky the sun breaks through. The really beautiful green the leaves of the trees have because of all the water from the rain as a contrast to the colorful sky. The clouds that almost shimmer, usually in different colors raging from pink to violet. 

There comes a change in smell with spring rain too, almost earthy, fresh. 

Spring rain has such a cleansing feeling for me and I love to touch the wet leaves of the trees and bushes around whenever the rain surprises me on my walks. 

The atmosphere, the smell and the plants around provide us with so much energy in those moments and there is nothing more beautiful, inspiring and almost magical than spring rain. 

2 responses to “Spring rain”

    1. My favorite smell in the world is rain…. Only nature can replicate it…. Fragrance companies can’t do it, that tells you how magical it is.

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