It’s not their fault, it’s never their fault

So, Europe and the US have been giving Russia sanctions for a month now, to stop Russia from invading, sorry that narrative changed, to stop Russia from fighting a war and remove their troops from Ukraine. It’s working fantastically. Obviously.

So they add even more sanctions because their goal hasn’t worked yet.

What they are doing is completely destroying the Russian economy once again. An economy that has only managed to slowly improve after the Cold War and thrive in the last 10-15 years. And now they are once again destroying it, in the name of helping Ukraine…?

How exactly is this approach helping Ukraine? Has it stopped the war from happening? No. Has it led to the Russian troops moving out of Ukraine? No. And why would they? They have nothing to lose anymore. Their entire economy was destroyed by the EU and the US. Both of which have been against Russia for a long time. But no one talks about that.

The sanctions also help improve inflation around the world. Leading to the politicians blaming Russia for the coming economic crisis. How is their choice of using sanctions against Russia, Russia’s fault? It was their choice. They chose to punish their own people by virtue signaling and once again doing what all the other countries do.

Just like with lockdowns and mandates.

But it’s not their fault. It’s never their fault. 

There is a serious issue if the people in power refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Maybe they should make different choices. Or maybe they shouldn’t be in the positions they are in if they can’t stand behind the choices they make for their countries and every person living in it.

But those are just my thoughts. 

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