People are weird

People are so strange sometimes. Seriously. I don’t get them most of the time. Well, maybe I’m the one that is strange but that’s not really the point right now, because I’m sure this time it’s them and not me.

So, for the last two years, you couldn’t cough without people looking at you as if you were going to kill them, sorry I just choked on a piece of food and am now trying to breathe, I promise it is not contagious and the piece of food is not going to magically appear stuck in your throat the wrong way. I swear. No joking aside, well this did happen to me several times but again, not the issue.

I’ve been sick the last couple of days, probably the flu, at least, the symptoms fit the ones I’ve had for decades whenever I was sick with the flu, so I’m going with the flu. So, I’ve done what I’ve always done when I’ve been sick, stayed at home and kept away from people. 

I was sick during Easter, so I had to cancel my plans. 

First question from my sister, after checking how I am was “Is it Covid?”. My answer probably not. I was just stupid and went outside without a scarf while it was really windy, I always end up with a scratchy throat like that. Her reply, she’s the same way and she has a scratchy throat too, but she took a test and it’s not covid. Isn’t that awesome for her. 

Not sure what the difference is. Her throat is probably still scratchy, even if it isn’t from covid, just as I’ve still felt like crap, even though I didn’t know whether or not it was covid’s fault. But at least, her knowing that she’s not positive meant, she did not cancel her Easter plans, because it’s okay if you infect people with the flu, just as long as it is not covid… I don’t get people, and someone should probably let them know that the flu can be deadly too… might even be deadlier than covid. Or maybe not, we’d never be able to leave the house ever again.

So, people are weird. And I don’t get them. And this makes absolutely no sense at all, but I guess as long as you took a test for one thing and it’s negative everything else doesn’t matter and everyone else is allowed to get sick too… 

I don’t get people.

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