Quality not quantity

So many people are on the belief the more friends you have the better. I never found that to be true. I never had a lot of friends but had friends that had boat loads full, most of whom they chose over me any time of the day until they had a problem, when they needed someone, needed help, that was usually when they came to me because the boat was suddenly empty. And I was the only one left, standing at the shore, throwing them a lifeline.

When I chose to make room in my life for someone I’m all in. I’ll go out of my way to help you. So, there is really not enough room for more than a handful of people. And then there is my immediate family on top of that, I didn’t chose them, they just are a part of my life and we have been through too much together to change that or refuse them help if they need it.

It’s not the quantity but quality that matters when it comes to the people in your life.

All you need is a handful, two tops that you can count on no matter what. Any more than that and the quality gets lost.

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