The news is exhausting

There are days I just want to throw all of my electronics away. We spend so much time with our phones or computers or iPads or whatever else there is. And I don’t think it’s a good thing. I mean there are definitely positive aspects of those devices. But there are also very bad ones. 

Like social media. Or the way you just have no chance to avoid all the negativity going on in the world. There was a time you could avoid it all by simply not watching the news or reading the newspaper. 

Now you even get bombarded by it on the bus. There is no escaping it and I think that is what is making a lot of people sick. 

We just came out of a pandemic. Two years of constantly hearing about people getting sick, people dying, killing your family if you don’t take any experimental drugs, death counts day in and day out… and instead of getting a break now everything is about the war in Ukraine. 

There is no breather, there is no time for us to recharge before the next thing comes to make us afraid. And it’s exhausting.

And there is no way to escape it all. You can’t be a part of society and not be bombarded by negativity. It is everywhere. 

Sometimes I wish I could just buy a cottage somewhere in the middle of nowhere and just be left alone. Remove myself from all of this negativity and all of the bad vibes and just live my life in peace.

Negativity sells, more so than positivity, always remember that when reading or watching the news. You sell more with tragedies than with miracles.

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