Crying for the discarded

I’m usually very easy going and open to a lot of different opinions and takes on most things but this is just… I don’t know. I guess I don’t understand how anyone could be okay with this. Support this. Stand one hundred percent behind this. Advocate for this. How can anyone with a heart think that this is okay? That this is anything but murder? How can this not be against the law? How can anyone be okay with this being legal? With no consequences for this?

I don’t know if you heard about the bodies of four aborted babies were found in Washington D.C. all of which were at the age of neo natal babies and would have had good chances of survival… had they not been aborted. It makes me sick to use that word in this context. This was nothing less than cold blooded, premeditated murder. 

Yet, D.C. police doesn’t plan to do any autopsy, because D.C. has no specific law that bans abortions at any point. This is sick. 

This makes me sick and reading about it, reading about the state the bodies of those tiny, innocent little humans were in, the probable way they had been killed and the fact that they would already have been able to feel pain makes me cry. It makes me want to scream and shout and hurt every single person who believes that this is okay. 

How can anyone believe killing an innocent baby is alright? It doesn’t matter whether it is already born or not. It would’ve survived if they would’ve just induced labor and given them neonatal care and then handed them over to adoption agencies. 

There are so many good people out there who would’ve taken those babies in, who would’ve loved them. 

How can this not be against the law? How is there no law to protect the most vulnerable of all, the ones who can’t speak, can’t fight, the ones who are completely dependent on us?

What does it say about humanity that there are people out there who not only accept that but cheer it on. Fight for the right to kill a baby in the mother’s womb. What is wrong with people? I don’t understand. 

I’m sitting here crying for four lives that never got a chance, four lives that probably won’t ever get any justice… because taking their lives was not against the law… and the scary thing is, they found four, how many more get just discarded like last weeks trash and no one ever hears about? 

These children deserve justice. Just like every other murder victim.  

These children deserve justice. Just like every other murder victim.  

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