Guess what

The world is going crazy or better said has already gone crazy.

I find it so very interesting how everything is being manipulated and information is being twisted and kept from the public as long as possible just to then back track and act as if they hadn’t known or never claimed anything else. 

So, guess what, Canadians protesting for their freedom was not against the law. The police had no grounds to arrest the protestors and the allegations that were made against the truckers proved to be wrong. 

Guess what, Hunter Biden’s laptop was really his laptop and the content on it is just disgusting and makes you question everything the media has told you about the Biden family… and their connection to the Ukraine and other illegal stuff. 

Guess what, the “insurrectionists” who stormed the capitol building in Washington DC were let in by the capitol police, so they have been held in prison for over a year stripped of all of their rights under false allegations. 

Guess what, the BLM rioters still run free, as to the BLM leaders who used the money that was donated for their own personal gain, the families of the victims that were used to raise those funds never saw a dime. 

Guess what, there was no Russian collusion with President Trump, it was all orchestrated by people who wanted him gone. 

Guess what, all of this only now comes to light, or the main stream media has only now decided to share that information with the general public that it no longer affects the outcome of the election. 

Do you still believe that the media is sharing facts? That they are not following an agenda and only sharing the information they want you to know? Do you still trust them? 

I know I don’t. 

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