Music is something you should feel

Do you know the feeling when you listen to a new album and every single song just speaks to you?

The way the words, the music touches you, just pull you in and you are completely absorbed by it?

It is not something that happens to me often, there are usually four to six songs that I like on an album and maybe one that really touches me to the core. 

It has been a long time since I listened to an album and almost every single song pulled me in. And several nearly made me cry. Music is such a powerful tool. You can reach people on so many different levels. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of artists out there that use it in a way that touches people, that speaks to the heart, because a lot of artists don’t speak from their heart. I think people tend to forget about the power of music and only remember when they hear a song from an artist that truly speaks from their heart and bares their soul. 

The difference between musicians and artists is enormous and you cannot only hear but feel whether someone is making music because it is a part of who they are or simply for the fame and money. 

A true artist can touch your very core with their music. That is the kind of music people should listen to. 

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