It’s not about the cars

So, I love how the government decided to force even more sanctions on Russia and is now talking about not taking any oil or gas from Russia at all. 

So many people are cheering that on. It’s just a little more we pay for gas, driving will be a bit more expensive and maybe heating next winter, but that is still almost a year away so why bother about that now? It’s to prevent, no wait, stop a war, maybe?

Everyone just needs to buckle up a little, just pay a little more, who needs gas in their car or a warm place to live anyway? That is already a statement that is way out of line but alright, let’s assume none of those are a necessity. 

What people don’t seem to consider is one simple fact.

Tractors run on oil too. If a farmer needs to pay double or triple the amount of money for a full tank of gas how is he supposed to afford that without raising the price on produce by just as much? Is it still no big deal now? 

Will you still cheer our governments choices on when you have to pay twice or three times as much for your food as you do now? In addition to higher gas prices and heating? Is it still nothing to worry about? No big deal? What will happen then? How are we going to afford putting food on our table? Who will help us then? The government? 

Let’s pretend the government will help, they will use money they are getting from us through our taxes. So they will probably raise our taxes, to then give us less then they take and proclaim how much they are helping the people. All the while being the ones responsible for the financial mess and inflation we are in. 

It’s not just about cars and heating. It’s about food, it’s about survival. People need to learn to think ahead again, make the connections. Understand cause relation. And realize who is really responsible for everything that is currently going on and the struggles the majority of people are facing. 

I am just as much against war as anyone else, but this is obviously not the way to prevent or stop it. This will lead to most of the western world being in some serious trouble. This is not for the good of the people, this isn’t helping anyone. Not the Ukrainians and not the citizens of the western countries participating in those sanctions. 

I don’t know much about finances, nor economics but I do understand that actions have consequences and how everything is connected. 

And to be honest, this scares me, a lot.

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