Small moments

There small moments in our lives that are looked at as insignificant in the big picture to other people when you tell them about them but still mean more than anything to you. 

A few weeks ago, I was at my mom’s cleaning a new trunk I got outside in her garden. The weather was nice, I had just gotten a new music album a couple of days before and was listening to it while working. 

Two birds of prey flew across the sky above me while the following lyrics played on my iPod “Don’t know who to believe, so in God we trust”. It was a small moment and you are probably wondering why it was so important to me and touched me to the core. 

My dad died when I was a child, his favorite animals were birds of prey. He was terminally ill, and he told us that whenever we’d see a bird of prey he would be with us. 

That moment, it changed something within me, what exactly I can’t tell you, not yet, I might find it out but there was just something about that moment. 

I felt understood, seen.

Sometimes it’s the smallest things, the smallest moments that can change everything, while they don’t change anything at all, at least not at first sight.

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