Why make things complicated?

There are two types of people the uncomplicated ones and the ones who make everything more complicated than it is.

I was on the train today and told that my card isn’t valid anymore and the system tells her that I should have a new one. I check and nothing. So, she asks me if I have it on my cell phone or any other way to show her. I try and don’t find it. While searching through my phone I recall her words.

So I ask her if she can’t look it up when her system is telling her that I should have a new one, it means she knows I have a valid one. After a little back and forth she looks in her system and confirms that it should be valid and that I should go and have the card checked.

I had to switch trains. The reaction on the second train was “this happens, no problem. It’s valid maybe they cancelled the old one before the new one arrived.”

It’s all about attitude and simplicity.

Honestly why make an issue out of something that is no issue? If your system shows you it’s valid, why make a fuss because the card expired or whatever. I paid for the service and your system backs that up. I don’t get people like that.

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