These are terrifying times we live in

Today was a weird day. The sky was an orange hue and the clouds looked like snow clouds, but the weather was too warm for those. 

When the orange hue and clouds stayed all day long I got worried and decided to look up possible reasons for that phenomenon. Hoping that it wasn’t what part of me wondered and dreaded. 

Was it because of something that happened in Ukraine or Russia? How would I know what the consequences would look like thousands of kilometers away?

Thankfully it was a natural cause. Sand from the Sahara, which is also very weird but something that happens like once every year. It looked beautiful and the atmosphere was very unique. 

Part of me still can’t believe what the first place was my mind went to. The world is a scary place, always has been but I think I’ve never been more aware of it than I am at this time in my life. 

Humanities need for power and control has led us to this… I hope our ability for compassion, understanding, companionship and love will get us back out of it before too much damage is done. 

I still believe in the good of the people and the kindness of strangers. But I am terrified of the people in power and who have control over the most dangerous inventions humans have created. 

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