So, it’s a problem if the economy suffers because the people chose to stand up and demand their freedom back?

It’s suddenly a problem if people get inconvenienced because of their own choices to stand up against the dictatorship of a supposedly democratic government?

Yet, the economy suffering, people being inconvenienced by laws, by mandates, by rules was not a problem? The government didn’t care when they and their choices destroyed people’s livelihoods, crippled the economy, destroyed people’s lives, their mental health, ostracized them and shattered families. The government didn’t care for the last two years when people lost their jobs because of their new laws. But now, now it’s suddenly an issue. For two years they didn’t care at all but now because it’s the people’s choice and not theirs, now they care?

How are there still people who don’t see the hypocrisy of the government and the media? How are there still people who don’t see the bigger picture and understand what it is really about?

Look at the numbers. Look at what’s really going on.

Don’t just trust the legacy media. Mainstream rarely tells you how it is. Who finances the main stream media? Is it the government? No, you don’t say!

There’s a pattern, check out other media outlets that aren’t financed by the government.

How are there still people blindly trusting the government? Open your eyes.

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