Nothing in life is free

So the majority of people voted to lower the taxes for the next two years because of covid… sounds good if you refuse to look at it long term and don’t read the fine print.

The government decides how much you pay in taxes, I bet everything I own, which to be honest is not a lot but still, that the taxes will be raised a lot after those two years… don’t believe me? That’s alright, we can talk about it again in 2025.

At 16 I was taught in school by my law teacher that you always need to read the fine print and never sign anything you don’t understand. It’s pretty much one of the only things I remember but that stuck with me and I try to live by that.

True, there is no fine print when voting, it’s not an actual contract, except it is and the fine print is usually between the lines. You’re not sure about something? Look it up.

And there is one rule you can always go by: the government won’t ever give you anything for free…

Example one: where does the government get the money from?

The taxpayer. 

Who’s the tax payer? 

You and me. So, everything you get for free, you will get taxed for. So, you will pay for the “free stuff”. Whether you’re aware of it or not.

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