Actions speak louder than words

Why isn’t the media covering this? Why isn’t the media condemning this? They have no issues if it’s Israel or Russia who commit crimes. They may even mention China’s crimes against humanity… maybe… depending on whether or not they’re profiting from China.

Why aren’t they condemning this? What’s currently going on in Canada is on the same level as Russia and China, what Trudeau is doing is what every dictator in history has done and yet the main stream media still stays quiet… or applauds Trudeau for his actions.

This makes me sick and so is every single person ignoring what is going on.

What happened to silence is violence?!
Don’t tell me it no longer applies when the protests are actually peaceful instead of violent riots. What happened to stop police brutality? Don’t tell me it no longer matters if it is not against black people but everyone equally. What happened to being allowed to donate money to a cause? Don’t tell me it is no longer allowed if the cause isn’t actually being pushed by a fraudulent organization.

My body my choice… unless it’s an experimental vaccine then it’s mandates to force it on everyone…

Silence is violence unless it’s the governments brutality against the people who voted it into power and no longer stand for them abusing it.

Defund the police unless they’re brutally attacking peaceful protesters instead of arresting violent criminals.

Anyone else see the hypocrisy here?

Where are all the social justice warriors? Where are all the people lecturing me about how words are violence. How what you say and how you say it matters? The social justice warriors who talk about inclusion and tolerance and all that… the people who love to tell everyone how politically correct and inclusive they are… the people who have shunned me, tried to tell me how wrong I am for not blindly following, for looking at the actual science and watching the politicians and the economy and the rich… instead of focusing on gender identities and pronouns and political correctness… yes, words have meaning but actions speak louder than words. I listened to what politicians said but I also watched what they did… their words didn’t fit their actions. So, I didn’t do what they tried to force me to.

People forget to listen, to really listen and to think for themselves.

I remember when we were talking about the second world war in school. I was in a class of 20 students. The majority said they wouldn’t have followed the orders, they would’ve not done what they were told to, they would’ve been among those fighting against the tyranny… my teacher told us, most of us would’ve done the same thing the majority of Germans did… I believed my teacher without a moment’s hesitation. Hoping I wouldn’t have been one of the people following but knowing there was a big chance I was.

I can honestly say now looking all around the world my teacher was right, and my hope came true, I am not one of those blindly following orders… even at the cost of most of my freedom and my family to some degree.

And no, you probably won’t ever find me demonstrating on the streets, even if I sometimes want to. Crowds make me anxious and I tend to panic when I’m surrounded by too many people.

This here is my way of trying to help, to make a difference to help people wake up and see what is actually going on right now. The bigger picture.

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