This was a nice surprise

I donated money to a charity a while back. I did this directly through the donation button on their website. 

Today I received an email from them, thanking me for my donation. Asking me what my interest in their charity was and if it was alright if they keep me updated on the progress they are making. 

It was something I would’ve never expected. It was such a nice surprise and such a nice email. This is what is missing a lot these days, people being nice. People thanking you and showing interest, wondering why something interests you. 

And it doesn’t even matter if it’s a standard email they send out to everyone who donates, just changing the name. It’s the fact they are doing it at all. It’s the fact that they don’t just send you their newsletter because you had to give them your email address, but they asked if they could. 

It’s them appreciating the money you give them, the fact that you want to help them help other people. It’s the fact that they thanked me for trusting them to do what the charity says they do. 

That email told me that they are aware of the fact that I am a human being who works hard for my money and that I chose to give some of that money to them so that they can use it to help other people. And that is what makes all the difference. I am not just a nameless, faceless bundle of money to them but an actual person who wants to help. 

If more organizations, more people would behave like that, the world would be a much better place. 

So, thank you to the organization for writing me that email, it meant a lot and lightened up my day. 

I hope you guys also had such a nice surprise today.

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