Own your mistakes

Human rights are being trampled by our governments, but there’s an easy solution to keep the majority from noticing; they just change the definitions, like they’ve been doing with everything else in the past two years.

Trust the science, unless the science doesn’t follow the narrative they want us to believe. Then suddenly the science changes.

Masks don’t work… six month later, always wear masks, wear two masks, never go anywhere without a mask.

Everyone is going to die… hospitals will be overrun… yet, the numbers don’t measure up… so everyone who enters the hospital also gets tested, even if the reason they are in the hospital has nothing to do with it they’re entered as positive patients.

Get the vaccine and you won’t get sick and your freedom back… six months later, get another shot and your chance of survival is better…you can still get sick but it’ll be less severe and you will be safe for six months… 3 months later you need a booster because of different variants… 

There are no side effects… I wonder what they’ll say six months from now. A year from now. Five years from now.

If the definition no longer fits the narrative, they just change the definition. 

There is something seriously wrong there, the definition should not change, the definition should be the truth and the narrative needs to change if it doesn’t fit the definition. Not the other way around. 

It is very difficult for me to believe anything the media or politicians say right now because very little they say makes sense and they’re changing everything up as soon as there is proof that what they said before was wrong. It would be so much more meaningful and powerful if they would just own their mistakes. We all make them. Admit it. Own it. And then I might start to believe you again. 

But this? What’s going on right now… the silences, the lies, the power grabs and the lack of regard for human life and the people who pay their salaries is just despicable and disgusting. 

We are democracies, we decide who is in our government, it is our right to choose who we entrust with the task of governing our countries, it is also our right to tell the people in power that we are no longer satisfied with their performance, just like every boss in a company tells their employees. In most countries you can lose your job for lying to your employer, mishandling the company’s money, not following company rules,… so why is it that our politicians get to do all of the above and still keep their jobs, get angry and use emergency powers when the citizens tell them that they have had enough of the lies? And the lies just keep on coming… 

It takes a lot of backbone to own one’s mistakes… something the people in power seem to be severely lacking right now, what a shame. 

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