Common human decency

What is wrong with people and the world? Where did human decency go? 

Peaceful protesters being trampled by the police on horses?

Parents being attacked in front of their kids because they have a medical exemption when it comes to wearing masks and people taking that as a reason to physically attack them?

People’s bank accounts being frozen because the government doesn’t agree with what they spend their money on?

People getting arrested for executing their right to peacefully protest in a democracy?

The rich going to events hosting tens of thousands without wearing a mask, yet little kids having to wear a mask for hours each day while being in school?

How can anyone agree with this? How can anyone be okay with any of this? The way people are treated simply for wanting to decide over their own body is sick and wrong! The way human rights are being violated and disregarded makes me sick to my stomach and afraid of where all of this might end.

No government should have the right to decide over your money. No government should have the right to threaten your freedom, your livelihood and your life simply because you disagree with them. That is not a democracy. The government does not have the right to take everything away from us just because we do not agree with their choices. This is wrong. This is not okay. 

This is insane and sick and not okay!This needs to stop.

Respect other people and different opinions. Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Show some love, respect and common decency.

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