Small things matter

So, I try to take a walk every day. I have my usual routes and there’s a bathroom more or less exactly where the start of my route breaks off into different options. Here’s what’s great about that bathroom besides it being perfectly placed for my walk. 

There is no “wear a mask” sign at the door. The majority of people using it, don’t wear a mask. It’s a small thing but it’s something and it makes me feel great. Sounds silly I know but it’s the small things that matter. This is a small thing and it matters a lot. 

Seeing people enter a closed room without wearing a mask makes me happy. It gives me hope and I’m really hoping we are moving towards normality again, the real normality. The normality where you can see people’s faces again. The normal in which you can smile at a stranger and they actually see it and smile back at you, just because. 

It’s a public bathroom but it’s so much more. It’s hope for a future without masks. 

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