Four letters, a word we use all the time in everyday life. Thinking we understand what it means. We hope for a lot. Most of us forgetting the true meaning and power of that four-letter word.

Today I felt hope for the first time in two years.

It was such a powerful, unmistakable feeling and yet so difficult to describe. It starts in your stomach and spreads out until your enfolded by it. Feeling the warmth and light it brings along al throughout your body.

Yes, today I felt hope. 

Hope to get my freedom back. 

Today, I cried because the Canadian Truckers brought hope back into my life. 

Thank you for standing up for everyone’s freedom. Thank you for starting a movement that is now spreading around the world. Thank you for telling the people in power that enough is enough. And thank you for the hard job you do every day making sure we have everything we need, and our stores never run out of stock. 

I appreciate everything you do, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for reminding me of the true meaning of hope and the amazing feeling that belongs to that powerful four-letter word.

Freedom Convoy 2022, check it out and show them some love and support, they’ve earned it.

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