I prefer a handshake

You know what never made any sense to me? We stopped sneezing in our hands, which we can easily wash, so germs are gone, to sneeze into our elbow, which we can’t wash and means the germs are stuck in our clothes all day long. How is that better?

And now we stopped shaking people’s hands, which again, can easily be washed, in order to bump our elbows together, which can’t be washed and also means that we stand closer to each other when we do that than shake hands. Also, some people stopped shaking hands and they give fist bumps now… I don’t really see the difference but whatever. 

Who said things need to make any sense at all?

I mean, having a square of Plexiglas right in front of my face, keeps viruses from moving around the edges of that square and use the rest of the room. That makes total sense. Why would they just move around an obstacle after all, too much work just for something as silly as surviving.

There is so much that makes no sense at all. 

I admit biology was not one of my strongest subjects and I might be wrong here, but it just seems very weird to me. And I will never not find it highly amusing when people refuse to shake my hand, which can be done with a 1.5-meter distance between us, in order to bump our elbows together… it’s moronic. But most of all that people don’t seem to notice how silly it is and how contractionary to most of the rules.

But hey, be my guest, sneeze into your elbow and then pass it on to the next person’s elbow who will then also sneeze into it and pass it on… I don’t really do elbow bumps, not a fan of touching a stranger’s hand but I’d shake your hand before I’d bump your elbow, because I can easily wash my hands right after, as I have done before all of this craziness and will do so in the future. I also like the distance a hand shake provides, I love my personal space and hate it when people invade it, always have. 

You do you and I’ll be in the background shaking my head and judging you silently. 

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