We should be allowed to decide what to comment on

So, about a year maybe two years ago, the news portals decided to regulate the comment option on articles. This means readers are no longer allowed to comment on every article, only the ones the newspapers decide they want people to comment on. 

It’s very interesting to see which articles people aren’t allowed to comment on. Anything concerning Russia and Ukraine, anything concerning covid, anything concerning new vaccines,… anything that might lead to people realizing that the media narrative is not the opinion of the majority of people. 

We aren’t allowed to criticize our leaders’ choices, which is wrong on so many levels, those are the people we elected to represent us and our views and needs, yet we aren’t allowed to say something when they go against our wishes or believes? Aren’t we supposed to be a democracy? That would mean we do have a say and we are allowed to criticize those who are making choices in our name, with our money. If we no longer have a say in who our leaders are and what they do, we are no longer a democracy but a dictatorship, like you know Russia, which gets vilified a lot, or China, which gets praised a lot. Make it make sense.

This decision to take away the comment section from all articles and only having one for a handful of insignificant articles also leads to people believing they are the minority with their view point, which used to be called common sense but is now called right wing extremism, because we no longer get to read the opinion from the “little people”, we only get to read the newspapers opinion on the matter… which is just that most of the time, their opinion which is rarely based on facts nowadays, sadly enough. 

It makes you feel like everyone is going crazy. Like no one sees what you see, understands what you understand and realizes just how messed up everything is. How very selective the topics are and how important facts and events are being brushed over for propaganda like stuff that just isn’t true. 

But that is just my opinion, and I might be wrong… 

But just in case, look up “East Palestine Ohio”, and not just on google. Or “cattle dying…” it gives you the options of Kansas, Texas, Mexico… “Egg shortage” would be another one, “food facilities that have burned in 2022” is also an interesting read. Again, none of those are really being mentioned in any of the big newspapers all around the world, and if they are only in passing to mention how it’s no big deal… really? No big deal? Read up on it and come to your own conclusion whether or not it is a big deal.

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