This makes me sick!

I just read this story about a family in New Zealand that has my blood boiling. 

They have a six month old baby that needed lifesaving surgery, which would also include blood transfusions. The parents insisted on the hospital only using blood that was not coming from people that had gotten the covid vaccines. The hospital told them that was not possible and they would use blood from New Zealand Blood Service. The parents even brought a donor they wanted the hospital to use for the blood transfusion.

It wasn’t allowed.

So the case went to the courts and the judge handed guardianship of the baby over to the doctors treating him ruling that they had to use the blood from the blood bank and there would be no selection. 

Four police officers took the baby from the parents to take him to the doctors to prepare the baby for the surgery against the parents’ wishes. 

The police took the sick baby from his mother’s arms to give him to doctors to prepare him for surgery. Strangers took a sick, scared baby from his mother’s arms, to give him to doctors to prepare for surgery against the parents wishes. Just imagine that for a moment. That poor baby! Did anyone think about the stress that poor child would feel at being taken from his mom by strangers and then be prepared for surgery by strangers, all alone not understanding what was going on. I can’t even imagine what that poor baby and his parents must have been feeling. It’s unfathomable.

Will the judge and those police officers be held personally responsible if the baby was given mRNA contaminated blood and ends up with health issues because of this? Who gave the government the right to make that decision and to refuse the parents wishes? They did the work, they brought their own donors why wasn’t that allowed?

And yes they brought up this might lead to people making demands when it comes to whose blood they want if they need a donor but why shouldn’t we have a right to decide whether or not we want blood from someone who is vaccinated with mRNA? I also don’t want the blood of a drug addict or terminally ill person if I need a transfusion. What is wrong with bringing your own donor? You are allowed to bring your own donor when it comes to bone marrow transplants, if I’m not mistaken, what’s the difference?

This made me so mad! The parents were in the right and this is such a cruel, unfair and unnecessary event they had to go through on top of the fact that their little baby needed to have heart surgery which is already stressful and horrible enough. 

My heart breaks for the family and I hope their baby will be okay and he received the blood they wanted, simply because they did get media attention and it would look really bad if mRNA contaminated blood had been used and the parents’ proven right if the baby gets ill.

This was a horrible injustice. 

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