There’s nothing wrong with the way we were created

I don’t want equality. I don’t want to be just like a man. I want women to be respected and appreciated for who they are and the way they were created. For their strengths. Yes, we are weaker physically, but we are strong emotionally.

I don’t want the world and society to expect us to be exactly like men, we are not and that is a good thing.

And I don’t want men to be vilified for the way they are and to be more like women. I think we are both exactly the way we are supposed to be. Women and men are different because they are supposed to balance each other out. Some of my weaknesses are a man’s strengths and some of my strengths might be a man’s weaknesses. We are supposed to work together as a team where each brings in different aspects that help us to succeed as a couple. 

If both parties have the exact same strengths and weaknesses, how are you supposed to work together, to grow together to push each other and to find ways to compromise? Our differences are what makes us be able to work together so well. Men shouldn’t be more like women and women shouldn’t be more like men. Society should start to stop trying to change who we are in our bones and appreciate each and every one for the way they were created and how nature intended us to be. 

There’s a reason men and women were created differently. Accepting and celebrating the differences would be so much healthier than what society is doing now. Women should be more like men and men should literally turn into women… WTF? 

I could go on a full-on rant about this subject, but I’ll refrain from it today. 

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