Maybe it’s just me but the longer the more I notice just how insane the hypocrisy in society is. 

I know so many people talking about how horrible the working conditions for people in the factories in China, or Bangladesh, or all of those other places are. How little money they get paid, how the corporations need to be held accountable and pay them more wages and so on and so forth. Which no issues with that, I totally agree but I also see the economic and financial aspect of the entire situation and why the big corporations are doing what they are doing and why it won’t change, it hasn’t so far, why should it now, simply because people are saying what they are and maybe posting some stuff on the internet. 

Especially since most of those people are the ones who go out looking for the best deal, the cheapest piece and to spend as little as possible, later on complaining about the shitty quality. You have an issue with fast fashion? You know what the best way is to force the corporations to make some changes? Stop buying it!

You have issues with the way people are treated in the factories in China? Stop buying stuff from China! You have issues with how little the wages are that are being paid? Stop looking for the cheapest product and be willing to spend a little more at a place you know people are getting paid a fair amount from beginning until the end. That is how you make changes, that is how you affect the economy and the demand and supply chain. Corporations want to earn money. If people stop buying fast fashion, they’ll be forced to change their concepts. Policies won’t do what consumers aren’t willing to pay for. 

I could be here and pretend the reason I don’t buy fast fashion is because of the way people are treated in the countries those clothes are fabricated in, or because of the environment or whatever but to be completely honest with you, even though those are things I do consider and I find horrible, the main reason is simply that I’ve always had issues with my skin and those products make them even worse. So, my reasons for not spending my money on those products are simply selfish and related to my own health, same goes for products or food from China. 

I was once at an exhibition years ago, where they showed photos from China, some of those were about a couple of rivers there… the water had every color but blue… so no, I don’t feel like eating food that grew with water that does not at all look the way water should look. That can’t be healthy and good for you. 

So, the reason why I don’t preach and not follow through but just quietly do my thing and not buy those things and do it consistently is because it has nothing to do with all the reasons people use to pretend they care but with me and my own health. I do it for me. Not to get a pat on the back or to appear superior to everyone else. It is for my own self-interest and that is the biggest motivation of all. 

I just love those moments when you’re dragged into a store that is known for its fast-fashion, by someone who consistently complains about all the issues that come with it and show you the items you’ve been looking for, for years and you just tell them: “I know, but I don’t shop here out of principle.” And the reply is: “I know fast-fashion.” and proceeds to shop there anyway. I love you, but I just can’t take you serious anymore.

Like I said, the hypocrisy is all around and usually the people who scream “injustice” the loudest are the ones who just keep on supplying said injustice.

If the people would just stop using all their energy to complain and just do, things and the world would look so much different right now.

Don’t be a hypocrite, just act and do your thing quietly and for your own reasons, reasons that make sense to you and motivate you to keep doing what you feel needs to be done. Even if they are mostly selfish, like mine are. It is possible to change the world in a positive way for your own self-interest and there is nothing wrong with that.

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