Not sure what the point of this is

This might be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t get pride month, or black history month or any other month or day like that, except Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. I get those two, at least symbolically and I always loved to surprise my mom with breakfast or a handmade present for her as a child. 

I don’t get what the point is and what it actually changes. Isn’t the goal that it should be normal? Something that shouldn’t be looked at as different? How are you achieving normalcy in a society when you make sure you stand out and rub everyone’s faces in it? I get where it comes from, I understand gay people fighting for their rights and equality, but what pride months has turned into has little to nothing to do with that anymore. At least in my opinion. How are parades with partially naked people helping the cause? How will that get you recognition as someone who is no different than the rest? How is oversexualizing the gay community doing any favors for them?

This is what I don’t understand. 

I have no problem with gay people or any other sexuality that has sprung to live over the past couple of years, it’s starts to be a little extensive in my opinion but whatever. You do you. Just don’t force it on me. And I’m pretty sure most people think that way. Pride month as it is today, is doing exactly that, forcing it on people and that probably has the adverse effect on people that was intended. 

I grew up around gay people and this has never been an issue for me because it was just normal. But they behaved the same way everyone else in my family behaved. They didn’t walk around half naked or made out in public. They were just a normal couple like everyone else not like exhibitionists that needed everyone they came across to know their sexuality, it was not what defined them, it was simply a part of who they were. Just like it is with straight people. 

And this is where we are back at the same point as we are when it comes to feminism. Equality means exactly that. The same behavior gives you the same results. 

Most people don’t care about other people’s sexuality, they just don’t want to constantly hear about it or talk about it or be forced to watch it. Honestly, I don’t care what sexuality the couple is, if they heavily make out in public I find it highly inappropriate. But that might just be me. 

So, I don’t get why there needs to be a month about people’s sexuality in order for them to be accepted and recognized as just a normal part of society. But again, that might just be me. 

I’m a firm believer of be who you are, believe in what you want, be kind and considerate and don’t force any of it on me and we can get along great, I accept you the way you are and you accept me the way I am and everything else really doesn’t matter. And we can let the months go back to just be months without any additional meanings to them.

But that’s just me.

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