My definition of feminism

I have always called myself a feminist, well for as long as I’ve known what a feminist is supposed to be. 

The majority of people would disagree with me on that. And here’s why:

I believe that with equal rights comes equal responsibility. If women want the same benefits as men, they also need to get the same obligations too. It’s only fair. 

I don’t believe in women quotas, I think they are distasteful, and honestly, I find them offensive. I want to be hired because I am the best qualified person for that job and not because they need to hire a woman. How degrading is that, if the only reason you get hired, is because you are a woman. People shouldn’t be hired for their sex or skin color or whatever. They should be hired because they are the best person for the job, no wonder the economy is a disaster right now…

Also, the pay gap as in men earn more for the exact same job is mostly women’s fault. Men know how much money they can demand and what they are worth and negotiate accordingly. Women most of the time don’t invest the five minutes it takes to google the job and the salary that goes along with it. It is difficult to negotiate when you don’t know the range in which you can negotiate. I always make sure I know how much I could ask for and I go from there. Go in it prepared and I bet you can come out with the same amount any male employee gets. 

Then there’s the subject of less pay in “women” jobs. Well, look at those jobs, healthcare, childcare, hospitality all industries that don’t have a lot of money to begin with. How exactly do people expect them to pay the same amount as businesses that are part of the financial sector or rely entirely on supply and demand? You can’t compare those very different business models. People who demand that “women” jobs get paid the same as other jobs are uninformed and don’t understand how a business works. 

I also love the “more women should be managers” demand. Do more women want to be managers? Has anyone asked them if they want to put in that many hours a week? Do they want to spend so much time on business trips? Are they willing to not take time off after having a baby, or during pregnancy or I don’t know…? It is not realistic. I’m sorry but if you are unable to be there when needed, to be the person who can show up when there’s a fire to take care off, you cannot be the person who runs the business. You need to be willing to do the exact same amount of work, no excuses, no exceptions. Otherwise you are not qualified to be a manager. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

I also firmly believe that a mother’s number one priority should be her children. Her main job should be raising her children, being there for her children, being the one person who is always there when they need her. There is a reason why the woman was created the way she was. Nature knows what it’s doing. The woman’s body was built to carry a child within her, to nourish it during that period of time with her own body. Nature has built the woman, so she can nourish her child after it was born until, it can eat solid food properly and no longer needs mother’s milk. This means a child needs the mother until the point it can eat nothing but solid food. It is pretty obvious to me, so why are so many people under the impression, what’s best for the child is hand it over to strangers why mommy goes to work. If work is more important to a woman than her own child, she might want to reconsider having a child.

There is no job that is more important than motherhood. And there is no job that is less appreciated than that of stay at home moms. And that’s what’s wrong with our society. The fact that it is frowned upon that a woman decides she rather stay at home and raise her children than go to work and hand them over to strangers for most of the week.

These are just some of the reasons why I believe I am a feminist and a lot of people would disagree with me.

I don’t want people to hand things to me just because I’m a woman, I think it’s insulting. I’d rather work for it and know I deserve it.

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