Something doesn’t seem right here

So, the US has a shortage of baby formula, a lot of stores are running out of them. Supply chain issues. 

One of the biggest producers of baby formula is Nestlé…

The US is having demonstrations because the law concerning abortions might be given back to the states, to decide individually again instead of federally. The media is saying that if Roe v. Wade gets overturned abortions will be made illegal. That is not true. All it means is that the States get to make their own laws concerning abortions, following the wishes of the people living in those states. Democracy. People are saying horrible things during those demonstrations and behaving repulsively. 

There are states that allow abortion up to nine months. If the child survives the late term abortion, they refuse to treat them and just let them die. People are supporting that. It makes me sick. 

Someone leaked a decision that the Supreme Court might make. That should’ve never happened. Judges are being threatened now. 

People are going crazy because the States might get to make their own laws concerning abortions. People are going crazy because they might not be able to kill babies in late term abortions anymore. 

And the stores are running out of baby formula. 

I don’t know, it just seems like a strange coincidence to me. Of all the things the stores could be running out, they are running out of the one thing that doesn’t really have an alternative. You can’t just feed your baby something else, at least not if the baby was already weaned off the breast and is not yet old enough for solid food. 

Why wouldn’t those powerful companies make sure that baby formula is the one thing that will not run out? That won’t be short in supply? Supply and demand, right? What’s more in demand than the product you need to feed your child?

I don’t know… it’s all just very strange to me and something feels fishy. 

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