The smart phone choice

I ran into a cousin of mine that I rarely get to see, unfortunately.

We talked for a while and she really impressed me. She has two boys in their early teens, if I’m not mistaken. She bought them a cell phone only about a year ago. They were among the last kids in their class who got a phone. But they also never asked or begged her for one. 

She bought them each a phone, prepaid, they can only go online if there is free WIFI. The rule is the phone stays at home. When they go out to meet friends, they’re not taking their phones with them, because they meet up to see each other and play together in person, there is no need to have your phone with you for that. They are not taking their phones to school or any other activity in the town they live. She only lets them take the phone with them if they go outside of the town alone. She says it’s no problems and the boys accept those terms. 

I love that, and I salute her for that choice. I’m sure it wasn’t easy, but I’m also convinced that her boys will thank her one day. We used to meet up and be outside all day without cell phones, we survived. 

I think kids with smartphones is one of the scariest things there is because there is no control as to what they access or see. The internet is a scary place and there is so much no child should ever see. Unfortunately, a lot of adults or parents either aren’t aware or don’t care. 

We need to protect the children. 

My cousin made a smart choice and I have a lot of respect for her for the choice she made. I wish more parents would think like she does. 

Children don’t need smartphones. Bring back the phone booths. That’s how we called home when something didn’t go according to plan.

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