Not existing on the internet

I’ve been thinking about a couple of old friends for a while now. Just wondering how and what they might be doing, since I’ve lost contact with them a couple of years ago and the contact information I have no longer works. 

So, I tried to look them up on the internet, as people are known to do nowadays. 

I could find them, no information what so ever. 

It was both frustrating and strangely satisfying. I think it’s great to know that even now you can still completely disappear from the face of the internet if you wanted to. Not saying it would be easy, but possible and that is good to know. I didn’t think it was still possible. 

It is very frustrating though, because this means I probably won’t ever find out how they are doing, unless a stroke of faith brings them back into my tiny little orbit. Everything is possible. 

I hope they are fine and thriving and enjoying their anonymity. 

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