We are all human

The last few years I’ve spent a lot of time wondering how people could act the way they did. How they could treat other people the way they do. 

I will never understand how you can wish someone harm simply for not sharing your opinion. Even less how you can actually physically hurt another human being.

How can you stop looking at every individual person and just throw everyone into one category and just be against them as a whole. Forgetting that every one of those categories is made out of living, breathing people with their own opinions, feelings, stories and reasons. 

When I look at humanity I see individual people, I don’t see categories. You can’t just lump everyone together and be for or against them. There are good people and there are bad people. Just like now. 

Everyone is against Russia, against the Russians. Russia is a dictatorship, how many Russian do you think chose to wage war against the Ukraine? How is it that suddenly no one looks at them as individual people anymore? The choices the government makes is not a civilian’s fault. Maybe you can hold them or at least the majority of them responsible in a democracy where the citizens vote for their government. But you can’t hold them accountable in a corrupt country in which they have no voice, no say and no choice. 

Humans are humans, we should feel bad for everyone who is suffering, no matter their ethnicity, citizenship, gender or whatever else people like to use as an excuse to be against them. 

Show love to the people who need it, not just the ones the media tells you to. 

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