Pointing out facts doesn’t make you a villain

I love how we live in a climate in which a simple conversation can turn into someone accusing you of supporting war and murder simply by pointing out some facts.

A couple of days ago I had a conversation about Russia and Ukraine. I pointed out that the media has a very pro Ukraine standpoint and that the conflict isn’t as simple as it is made out to be. I mentioned that Ukraine is a very corrupt country and that NATO and the US are no innocents in this entire situation. 

The reply I got right away was:

“So, you support Putin?!” 

No, that is not what I said. But that is the reaction you get when you try to point out facts and look at both sides. You get vilified.

Am I the only one terrified by that? It was the same with Covid, which was something I mentioned. 

I explained how the reaction I got is the problem we have today. You cannot point out a different opinion or point of view if it doesn’t fit the narrative the media and politics is pushing. 

Honestly, I don’t know what is going on in Ukraine and what is true or not. There is so much propaganda on both sides, there are pictures and stories that have been proven as not true or a couple of years old…. I don’t know all the facts, I only just started to try and figure it out and read up on the history of both countries and what led to the current situation. All I’m saying is what I’m always saying there is more than one side to all of this and I do not trust the main stream media. But I also don’t trust the Russian media. 

I am in no way shape or form supporting or approving war or the suffering of people. I think what is happening to civilians is just horrifying and it shows once more that the citizens are the ones suffering for a powerplay between different governments. This is not okay, it will never be okay, and I will never stand behind that.

But that doesn’t change the fact that facts matter, the truth matters. 

Don’t follow blindly, do your own research, listen to what other people have to say, having open honest conversations is the best way to learn. There are a lot of people who know more than you do. 

But never forget there are also a lot of people who know less than you do or are ignorant, and only parrot what the media is saying, those are probably no the people you can learn from. And that is simply my personal opinion.

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